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A Celtic Peace
Like Magic
Theo Paige
Reeds and Rosin
Beyond the Shore
The Truck Stops Here
Garden of Butterflies
A Drop of the Pure
North Amerikay

Todd Denman
Dale Russ

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new release hints

We have a full selection of new releases coming up, some of which may surprise you. Todd Denman's long-awaited uilleann pipes recording with friends is in the works. We also expect you'll be hearing more of Dale Russ. Plus a surprise or two...

We don't want to give too much away until our official announcements, but we do plan to offer these sneak previews before official releases, and the CDs will be available here directly from us prior to their official release in the stores (such as "Soulstice" now available, see below).

by Todd Denman & ANIAR


Todd Denman on the Coast

New releases by piper Todd Denman are also in the works... and more.


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