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A Celtic Peace

A Celtic Peace
Todd Denman

traditional and new music dedicated to peace

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Todd Denman, uilleann pipes, whistles
Christy O'Connell
Gerry O'Beirne
Eamonn Flynn
Paul Machlis
Kyle Thayer
Roland Jackson
Theo Paige

Uilleann piper Todd Denman is joined by Gerry O'Beirne and other guests performing tunes dedicated to peace. Includes a live recording in concert and live in the San Francisco Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Todd Denman Live in Concert.
Eamonn Flynn and Todd Denman in concert.

Todd Denman live in concert.
Todd Denman in concert.


"Todd Denman... is now recognized everywhere as a master of the uilleann pipes and whistle. And it shows on this new CD of his, 'A Celtic Peace,' a mix of traditional slow airs and tunes and three compositions of his own. Todd's playing reflects the influences of various Irish pipers and shows in his tight articulation and ornamentation; he is a gifted musician, and in this his latest recording, fans and newcomers will find much pleasure and enjoyment."
Irish Music Magazine, Dublin, Ireland

"Todd Denman... has earned praise worldwide for fiery performances as a member of several duos. Indeed, his playing... has earned him the ultimate in praise from some breathless reviewers... His latest album, 'A Celtic Peace,' is a lower-key collection of Irish tunes that finds Denman in a spiritual mood... Denman's original compositions "Peace March" and "Prayer For Peace" are among the most impressive tunes on the disc. Dance tunes like "King of the Pipers" and "The Old Torn Petticoat" are played on the pipes with accompaniment on guitar and occasionally organ and/or percussion. All the playing is smooth and pretty... I like it a whole lot."
–Dirty Linen

"Highly regarded in Ireland, Denman's way with Uilleann pipes and whistles is coming to be appreciated worldwide. Since his piping debut in Dublin in 1983, his reach has extended across Europe to seasons of educational programs for the San Francisco Symphony and recordings in Nashville. Like Magic and Reeds and Rosin earned high praise from Celtic cognoscenti in both his native U.S. and in Ireland. The purity, flash, and flair of his performance seem impelled by a willing devotion to the capabilities of the instrument. Generous in acknowledging his teachers, collaborators, and the ancient sources, he says that when he puts the pipes on he feels "like another spirit inhabits my soul...what comes out astonishes me...[as] it just plays itself through me." Unexpected key modulations and glistening accompaniment (Gerry O'Beirne's guitar is a stand-out) help fulfill Denman's musical vision. Powerfully spiritual and technically versatile, it's a rare find."

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