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The Truck Stops Here

The Truck Stops Here
Bruce Abrams

Bruce Abrams, guitars and Celtic harp
Barry Phillips, cello and tabla
Rick Walker, percussion
Stan Poplin, acoustic bass
Gary Regina, sax and whistle
Martin Simpson
, slide guitar
Fred Simpson, ngoma (African conga)
Dror Sinai, dumbek and shakers
Bill Walker, slide guitar
Barbara Barnett, accordion

Produced by Steve Coulter
Please see iTunes for selected tracks.

We can't recommend this CD highly enough. We can say this because we had nothing to do with its production and initial release on Bruce's label. This recording is a favorite of our distributor, and a select group of guitar players and guitar fans.

Bruce has been traveling through Asia, Europe and Africa playing music while occaisionally passing through California, where he has also gigged with Theo Paige.

The album features several original compositions reflecting Bruce's travels, including African composer Abdullah Ibrahim, original compositions and some traditional Irish tunes like My Lagan Love (a restrained and beautiful version on electric guitar and harp). You won't be disappointed.

    1. My Heart is Like the Sun (Bruce Abrams)
    2. Jerusalem (Bruce Abrams)
    3. When I feel the Sea Beneath My Soul (Taj Mahal)
    4. Gentle Maid/Arthur McBride (trad. Irish)
    5. Toi Toi (Abdullah Ibrahim)
    6. Matt's March (trad. Irish)
    7. Capetown Carnival (Abdullah Ibrahim)
    8. Snake River Waltz (Bruce Abrams)
    9. The Homecoming song/African Marketplace (Abdullah Ibrahim)
    10. Whoza Mtwana/Chisa- (Abdullah Ibrahim)
    11. Leaving Derry (trad. Irish)
    12. The Edsel Transmogrified (Bruce Abrams)
    13. My Lagan Love (trad. Irish)
    14. Pizzicato Roadblock (Bruce Abrams)
The Cover

It was an old Ford truck found abandoned up in the hills somewher near Santa Cruz, with bullet holes and all that. Bruce's photographer friend Sudeep T. Biddle insisted they shoot the cover in it. Since then, most parts of the truck like the grill and lights have been removed by collectors.

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