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A Celtic Peace
Like Magic
Theo Paige
Reeds and Rosin
Beyond the Shore
Jody's Heaven
A Drop of the Pure
North Amerikay

Jody's Heaven
Dale Russ
Todd Denman

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Featured Artist
"Russ's fiddling is, as always, awesome."
-The Irish Voice

Theo Paige
As heard
on National Public Radio.
"a brilliant 17-year-old fiddler"
–Dirty Linen
"His heart is wide open.
And his chops on a variety of instruments are quite bewildering."
–Martin Simpson

Reeds and Rosin
Todd Denman and Dale Russ
"I first saw a reference to this disc - which is subtitled 'an uilleann pipes and fiddle adventure' - when it was listed in Irish Music magazine among the hottest-selling traditional discs in Dublin. Reeds and Rosin is one of the best Irish recordings of the year. [And] of the best pipes and fiddle duets on record."

North Amerikay
Dale Russ and Finn MacGinty

A Drop of the Pure
Steve Baughman
Liner notes by Pierre Bensusan

The Truck Stops Here
Bruce Abrams

Todd Denman & Aniar

"a rich and creative sound
–Dirty Linen
"utterly brilliant juxtaposition
of old and new... so powerful"
–Iris na bPiobairi
"Denman and Flynn have sensitively and ingeniously reharmonized a host of trad Irish favorites, and with hauntingly affecting results."

dead string rhythm
Flynn Cohen
"Great picking. Wonderful tone. Wow!"
–Brian O'Donovan, Celtic Sojourn,
WGBH Boston

Todd Denman
Expressive pipes and whistles with
guest artists, dedicated to Peace.
Todd Denman... is now recognized everywhere as a master...gifted.
-Irish Music Magazine

Beyond The Shore
Beyond The Shore
Deby Benton Grosjean
Gorgeous Celtic fiddle
with nautical themes.
By Scottish Fiddle Champion.

It will touch your heart and
dance your soul

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Inside Aniar Online
Uilleann pipes, what are they,
where do they come from, how old are they?

Todd Denman uilleann pipes
Todd Denman
"It is one thing to paste contemporary idioms upon a traditional tune, it is a far different thing to penetrate the essence of and discover its natural path to the present."
Iris na bPiobairi

California Arts Council
Touring Artist

MP3 our newest release
Award Winner
One of best Irish releases of the year
Many people I've spoken with claim to have fallen in love with North Amerikay

We're pronounced "an-ear" and it means from the west, in Gaelic.

One of the best Irish
releases of the year

-The Irish Voice
The music of Dale and Todd
is the real thing
–Martin Hayes

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