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dead string rhythm
by Flynn Cohen

Flynn Cohen, acoustic guitar & mandolin
Tina Lech, fiddle

Dave Cory, tenor banjo & bodhrán
John McGann, octave mandolin
Patrick Hutchinson, uilleann pipes
Frank Gibbons, flute

Produced by John McGann

"Great picking. Wonderful tone. Wow!"
- Brian O'Donovan, Celtic Sojourn, WGBH Boston

1 The Steampacket/The Morning Star (mp3 free download)
2 The Hag's Purse/Bryan O'Lynn/Miss McDevitt's Jig
3 Farrell O'Gara/Good Morning to Your Nightcap
4 The Monaghan Twig/The Road to Cashel
5 Planxty Catherine Hart
6 The Girl Who Broke My Heart/Murphy's Hornpipe/The Honeymoon Reel
7 The Visiters
8 Bonny Kate/Jenny's Chickens
9 The Blackbird/Bunker Hill/Dust Yourself Off
10 Fletch Taylor/The Cleveland Boy
11 Splendid Isolation/The Commodore
12 Martin Wynne's Reels

"On the Dead String Rhythm CD, Flynn Cohen lets us hear how the acoustic guitar can be an excellent and beautiful forefront melody instrument in a traditional Irish music setting. You'll also hear great rhythmic backing from the guitar, but the lead guitar, which is so rarely heard in a 'trad' session, really shines through, both as a featured voice and in concert with flute, fiddle, pipes, banjo and mandolin. A must-have for lovers of good acoustic music as well as lovers of good guitar playing!"
- John McGann

Flynn Cohen is a former member of John Whelan's band, touring Europe and America. Prior to touring with John, Flynn was a regular member of the Aniar band, based in San Francisco. But his roots take him all the way back to his native Ohio where he was first exposed to bluegrass music which began a long journey...

"From 1993 to 1996 he attended music school at Dartington College, England where he had frequent, formative contact with Dave Graham, Bert Yanch (of Pentangle) and John Renborn and also studied classical composition. You might expect that it was while there, that the flame of Celtic music took fire in his soul, right? But you have to remember, this is life after all, and things just don't work like that here. Why should it be surprising that bluegrass was the happening thing in his life then? ...Returning to the U.S., he settled into Oakland and San Francisco as a student at Mills College to earn a graduate degree in music composition. There, experimental music and the minimalist expressions of Steve Reich stole their way into his musical vocabulary and vision. Natural scale tunes, emergent from the earliest music-long before it became an industry-laid siege to his inner instincts as well. In the years soon to follow this would all lead to his uncluttered and primitive device of using an open modal tuning and visceral rhythm to mimic the drone of the [uilleann] pipes. Very primitive, very pure, very powerful. A guitarist in many forms over many years, he made himself right at home amid the best players in the Bay Area. And, quite naturally, who might be among them but Tina Lech. As these things go, the two found themselves crossing paths in the musical domain as well as within that of mere geography."
- Eric Olson.

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